Steps on How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Steps on How to Stimulate Hair Growth

With the mention of the word beauty we all think of a pretty face with long flowing hair. Although most of us long to have healthy hair, by now we may have realized that it is easier said than done. This because hair is subjected to various climatic conditions and other factors that may affect its growth directly or indirectly. However, there are also the natural causes such as the genes you carry that may leave you with a receding hair line. All this should not worry you as research has been done and a solution on how to prevent hair fall has been found.

One of the most effective and natural ways on how to prevent hair loss is by maintaining a healthy go in your day to day meals. To begin with you should record a water intake of at least 8 glasses a day. Water plays a very major role in stimulating and maintaining healthy hair. Every time you are well hydrated, your hair also takes in the moisture which protects it from drying up and breaking. Water also aids in the removal of all the body toxins via sweat where the pores are cleaned up by removing excess oils and allowing the follicles to breath.

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Still on a healthy diet, you should incorporate vegetables in your meals. The good source of these vitamins are foods like kales, spinach, green peppers and all the leafy green vegetables you can find. The vegetables should be prepared with very low heat for a few minutes to avoid over cooking them which kills their nutrient content.

Other foods that are essential to prevent hair fall are proteins. Hair is naturally made up of a kind of protein known as keratin. Therefore, to encourage growth you should up your intake of foods like fish, eggs and legumes such as beans. Although meat is also a good source of this nutrient, you should know that it contains very high amounts of cholesterol which plays a big part in inhibiting hair growth. For these reason, you should not make steak a necessity in your daily meals.

All this dietary changes will not work if you don’t take a step and stop bad habits such as alcohol intake and smoking. Alcohol is well known for suppressing your immune system. While you are at it, researchers have found that eating too much of processed foods may also contribute to hair fall.

Finally, all this natural methods to prevent hair loss can only work best when combined with quality hair care products. For instance you need a good shampoo for washing, a quality conditioner, a moisturizing lotion, hair oils and much more. However, you should not over do it by using too much of the synthetic products as they may end up weakening the hair shaft. Always assure that you get your hair care products from a reputable and well established company.

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