7 Simple Home Remedies for Fever Blister

7 Simple Home Remedies for Fever Blister

A fever blister is an infective disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV1). The virus tends to stay dormant in the infected person for years and when the conditions for infectivity arises it causes disease again. In simple words, if any person got infected with Herpes virus in childhood, after treating the condition virus still stays in that person in the inactive state. When in adulthood the person’s immune system gets weakened due to any cause that latent virus becomes active causing the disease again.

Fever blisters are grouped vesicles and can appear on the lip, in the mouth, or on the nose. The blisters or vesicles are red, sometimes swollen and are painful. They are highly contagious and are transmitted by the saliva or fluid of the blisters. They are contagious when in healing phase or when scab formation occurs. If you are suffering from fever blister, then the next step is to get rid of fever blister. Some people prefer fever blister medication while others go for fever blister home remedies. We are going to discuss both methods of fever blister treatment.

Fever Blister Treatment

The main aim of fever blister treatment is to eradicate the virus causing it. The treatment also depends on the affected site. Fever blister on lip is most common, and the patient also has more concern for fever blister on lip because of cosmetic reasons. So they want to get rid of fever blister fast. The medical treatment aims to reduce pain, swelling, and redness ultimately leading to healing.

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Antiviral agents are the first line treatment option for fever blister. These agents include Acyclovir, famciclovir, Valacyclovir, and Penciclovir. These all are available in oral form while acyclovir and penciclovir are also available in topical form. It is recommended to use both oral and topical antivirals to get rid of fever blister fast. Antivirals are effective for fever blister on lip, fever blister inside lip, fever blister in mouth, fever blister inside mouth, fever blister on nose or fever blister on tongue. These must be started as soon as one notices the fever blister and use for at least two weeks to get complete relief.

Fever Blister Remedies

Many people are afraid to use medications for fever blister because of the side effects. For those people, we have gathered best and effective fever blister remedies. These remedies are meant to treat fever blister on lip, fever blister inside lip, fever blister in mouth, fever blister inside mouth or fever blister on nose. Try these home remedies for fever blister, and we are sure that you’ll get relief within few days.

Ice: Ice has the property to soothe and reduces inflammation by numbing the affected area and temporarily cutting off the blood supply. It is the best fever blister treatment on the lip as it is easy to apply on the lip. However, it can also be used for fever blister inside lip, fever blister in the mouth, fever blister inside mouth or fever blister on nose. To use this remedy wrap an ice cube in a cloth or towel and place it directly on the infected area for 5-10 minutes. You’ll feel the relief of pain and swelling.

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Aloe Vera: it is also one of the widely used fever blister remedies since ages. Aloe Vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties and has the power to reduce inflammation. To use it directly apply Aloe Vera gel on the blister and leave it for some time. You can do it two to three times daily, and you’ll see the speedy recovery.

Apple Cider Vinegar: everyone knows about the healing power of apple cider vinegar in various diseases. It has strong anti-infective and antifungal properties due to which it is also used as fever blister treatment. However, to strong acidic nature, it must be used with great caution. It must be used by diluting it in water and applying it to the affected area. It can be used on alternate days to speed up the healing process.

Tea Bag: damp tea bags of place on infected skin works like magic due to a substance is known as tannic acid. Tannic acid has the property of antiviral and can heal your blister within a few days. Just put a damp tea bag on the blister for 10-15 minutes three or four times a day and get rid of fever blister fast.

Garlic: Garlic is used in every home, and it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the best remedy for fever blister. You can use a garlic clover or garlic paste on the area of blister two or three times a day to get relief from fever blister fast.

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Lemon Balm Oil: this oil is used as an effective and best home remedy for fever blister. The oil has natural properties of being antiviral and speeding up the healing process from the viral infection. Applying oil directly on the fever blister at any site can give you quick relief.

Honey: it is also known as one of the best fever blister remedies. Apply honey directly on the affected area and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse off. Honey work by limiting the infection and healing the wound or irritated skin caused as a result of fever blister.

Apart from all these fever blister treatment options, one must take care of his or her diet. The healing process mainly depends on the food you are eating. If you are not consuming a healthy diet, you can prolong our healing process and ultimately can end up in any of the complications. You can also try to prevent yourself from getting infected from HSV virus b taking necessary precautionary measures. However, if you get infected, you must start treating the infection as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed. Our listed remedies will give you quick healing from fever blister at any site of the body.

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