Causes of Pimple Due To Food

Causes of Pimple Due To Food

Food is a basic need of every person; it is an important factor for our survival. It provides nutrition and energy that our body needs to stay alive. Proper nutrition is needed to keep our body in good shape and maintain a right figure to stay fit and healthy. We all need food to feed our cells so that our system can function normally. The nutrients from the food we eat help us improve our immune system to fight certain infections. Our daily performance depend on the kind of food we eat, the main source of our energy is food.

Our eating behavior creates a very important impact to our health. What we eat affects not only one part of our body but the whole system; including the vital organs. Eating right is a challenge, the food pyramid is a simple guideline on what should we eat to have a healthy body. We have been continuously oriented by the importance of proper eating habits and that the benefits of proper diet are really important to our health. Eating too little can lead to malnutrition and overeating can lead to obesity. Improper eating can cause serious effect in our health and believe it or not; some studies show and prove that there are food that cause acne.

Nobody wants to have even a single pimple on their face, and it’s enough warning to always watch on our regular diet. Acne has been part of our lives especially during puberty stage. Lucky are those who outgrew it and fortunately way pass over that stage. But unfortunately, there are some people who are prone to develop acne even after puberty. As they say, we are what we eat and whatever we eat reflects on the inner and outer parts our body.

Some of the foods that are known to cause pimple are the following:

  • Junk Foods
  • Foods from Fast food Restaurant and CafĂ©
  • Instant Foods such as noodles, canned goods, and other microwavable foods.
  • Foods that has high content of unsaturated fat
  • Foods that is high in Sugar content
  • Dirty Food can cause Dirty Face

The numbers of people addicted to junk foods are dramatically rising despite efforts of reaching out to them to modify their eating behavior. Studies Situs Judi Online show that addiction to eating unhealthy foods causes pimples. Junk Foods have a lot of sodium and mono sodium glutamate (MSG) that are not good to our body when eaten too much. Sodium attracts water and it causes water retention that is important to moisturize our skin to keep our healthy. When we eat too much salty food that contains sodium, the water that should hydrate our skin are being attracted by sodium and stays inside our body which causes edema, the pores in our skin remain open but because there isn’t water coming out, it becomes prone to different kinds of microorganisms that causes inflammation of the pores, pus and therefore leads to acne outbreak.

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Oil as one of the best environment for Acne

Too much intake of oily food can causes pimple too. Foods, French fries, fried chicken, burgers, deep fried pork belly and pork cracklings are just some examples of foods that are high in oil content. Our body has its own threshold towards oil, and if we reach it the limit of its threshold, our body will try its best to excrete it by any means. Bad cholesterol mix up with our blood and become a part of our system, because our body needs to excrete those excess oil, it needs to release it through getting out through that small pores in our faces that makes our faces oily, and as we all know; oily faces are very prone of having pimples. The oil attracts many bacteria that lead to outbreak of acne.

Foods high in toxins that encourage growth of pimples

A processed food which is known to contain preservatives is more likely to cause pimples too. A food that has high content of additives and artificial flavorings has been known to have a lot of toxins which is not good for our body. Our body has its own mechanism to discharge those toxins that are not healthy. When our body cannot unload the remaining toxins inside our body, it stays and causes pimples. The toxins are being excreted to different discharges in our body; including urine, feces and even sweats. When our face sweats, the toxin reacts on our skin and causes the rise of pimples.

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Too much sweet isn’t sweet because it can lead to acne

Chocolates, nuts and other foods high in sugar are also found to be one of the causes of having pimples too. Too much glucose causes the rise of hormones in our body that is known to promote acne and pimple outbreaks. Meats and dairy products are also known to cause pimples too; certain study shows that the reason is due to the diet of the animal when they are still alive. Some studies also show that it’s because of the drugs that are being injected to them when they are sick. Some say that it’s simply because of the low quality of meat products.

What are the foods that we should eat to maintain a Healthy Diet?

Healthy diets are those that are good for our health. Junk Foods are called that way for us to understand it literally, it’s junk, its trash and it’s not needed. We have to learn to discipline ourselves to maintain a healthy skin and body. Maintaining a healthy body should not be as hard as everyone have a notion of. It should be easy and not agonizing. We should not feel that we are deprived of something, but we should feel that we are eating healthier rather than eating less food. You have to learn to Eat “real” foods so that our body can be in its best condition and that there will be no reason that we will suffer from the rise of that annoying pimples.

To help you know what you should eat, here are the list of real foods to achieve and maintain a healthy body and skin:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables: the greener, the better!
  2. Learn to say No to JUNK Foods. Instead of munching on your favorite crackers, sliced up a piece of fresh fruit and nibble on it.
  3. Drink more water. Water is the best antioxidant. It helps to flush out all those bad elements that cause acne.
  4. Avoid eating deep-fried. Frying needs oil, and when you eat fried food, you also intake that enormous amount of unsaturated oil.
  5. Use high quality of saturated oil like Extra Virgin Olive oil when cooking.
  6. Cook for yourself. Don’t say you have no time. You have to make time for yourself. When you cook for yourself, you know what you are eating. It’s safer and healthier
  7. Eat more fish that pork/beef meat. Fish is healthy especially if it is sea fed.
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The Importance of Healthy Diet to avoid pimple outbreak

It may seem that almost everything you want to eat can cause pimple outbreaks. Foods that are known to promote acne are those we love to eat over and over again. Lucky are those who can eat anything and be not affected by the foods they eat. But unfortunately, there are those who have their own struggle regarding the relation between food and acne. Maintaining a healthy diet is really a big challenge for everyone; it takes discipline and dedication. But it’s a challenge that is really beneficial to an individual, aside from the fact that it can help you stay in good shape, it can also keep you away from pimple outbreaks.

Healthy diet doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of good and delicious food; it doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. Moderation is the key and you have to always remember that everything in excess is not good. Learn to discipline yourself by saying no to foods that are not healthy, foods that are not really good for your body and skin. It takes courage to start a healthy eating habit, but you’ll know in the future how it will pay off. Do not wait for the moment to regret the way you have taken for granted you-re eating behavior. Remember that you’ll be the one who will benefit in maintaining a good eating behavior and no other else. Drink plenty of water every day to flush out all the bad toxins and hydrate our skin for it to stay healthy and beautiful.

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